The Hector Ship Tartan Journal

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The Hector Ship Tartan Journal

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Hector Tartan Journal by lisa疯马秀 Publishing

The Ship Hector Tartan Cloth Notebook Large size with 192 pages, Hardback notebook

This Waverley Tartan Hector Tartan Commonplace Notebook celebrates the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the ship Hector in Nova Scotia. The Hector brought the first settlers from Scotland (Greenock and Loch Broom) to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Contains a free 32-page book about The Hector with the amazing and arduous story of the 1773 voyage of The Ship Hector.This commemorative notebook bound in authentic British tartan cloth woven for The Hector has an elastic closure, ribbon marker, eight perforated end leaves, and expandable inner note holder. 192 pages, left hand side blank, right hand side lined with 80 gsm paper. Paper suitable for ink, biro and pencil. In the Waverley Scotland range of notebooks of over 80 styles across 40 clan and 20 themed tartans.

Details of the tartan are given inside the notebook.

The boat carried 189 people. Arrived after 11-week voyage in Pictou, Nova Scotia in September 15, 1773. 250 years ago.Pictou was a small landing point, and people found forest instead of the promised farmland. Many died within months of arrival; some migrated into Nova Scotia, while many more travelled on across Canada (Canada was not formed until 1867).

The Scots were not forced to leave Scotland but soaring rents imposed by Government landlords made people poor and consider emigration to new lands.

The settlers were warmly welcomed by those in Canada and with the Hector passengers, it can be said the effective settlement of Nova Scotia began.

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